Cancelado o Mondial de La Bière 2016 na França

Medida é adotada em razão do estado de emergência na França devido ao terrorismo

Evento fica reagendado para fevereiro de 2017 (Foto: Divulgação)

Evento fica reagendado para fevereiro de 2017 (Foto: Divulgação)

Marcado para fevereiro, o Mondial de La Bière Europe 2016 está cancelado. A medida foi divulgada nesta tarde de quinta-feira pelos organziadores do festival. Conforme explicaram, o cancelamento deve-se ao estado de emergência em vigor na França depois dos ataques terroristas ocorridos na noite de 13 de novembro. O Mondial de La Bière Europe, realizado anualmente em Mulhouse, fica reagendado para fevereiro de 2017. (Para conferir mais opções de eventos, com agenda atualizada, consulte o roteiro da Beer Art)

O texto divulgado pelos organizadores é reproduzido pela Beer Art abaixo, em seu original em inglês publicado na página oficial do evento:


Following the tragic events that shocked France lately for which we extend our heartfelt sympathy and express our deepest condolences to the bereaved families, we have decided to postpone the operations of the MONDIAL de la BIERE EUROPE 2016 to the year 2017, still in February and in Mulhouse.

We are concerned about the image of our event, about its international appeal which raises concerns abroad as much, if not more, as in Europe; about its notoriety and respectability in relation to our exhibitors, visitors, the press, as well as our sponsors and partners. We cannot imagine such a convivial event disrupted by actions that would force indiscriminate controls, creating a noxious atmosphere.

The MONDIAL de la BIERE, from Montreal to Rio de Janeiro via Mulhouse is a joy for all as it is for us, dedicated to sharing and to encounters created by the knowledge of passionate artisans and by the interchange between brewers, knowledgeable amateurs and curious newcomers, all sharing a common goal of tasting beer among friends in joy and good spirits.

As a luminous drink, beer should not be tarnished by any clouds or bad vibrations, thus our decision to postpone the celebrations to better days which we know are near and will be serene. We have faith in the future, seeing the reactions of the free and humanistic world after the latest events.

We shall return, taller, stronger and more beautiful that ever, remembering that good things come to those who wait.

The management of the MONDIAL de la BIERE EUROPE

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