Route for Beer Hunters

Take the opportunity to visit the breweries from Santa Catarina

Headquarters of the Brazilian Beer Festival, the city of Blumenau is part of the beer route through Santa Catarina’s breweries, highlighted by Santur (, the official tourism institution of the State. The region has some of the most prestigious craft breweries in the country, starting with Eisenbahn. Check out the companies, the opening hours of the bar and visiting scheduling information:



Founded on the German immigration day (July 25) in 2002, since then collects awards and expands its variety, its market and its reputation, with international recognition, to the point of being quoted in the book "Beer Hunter " by Michael Jackson (1942 -2007).

Bar: Monday to Friday from 4pm and Saturday from 1pm


Address: Rua Bahia, 5181, Salto Weissbach.


Inaugurated in August 2003, began to participate of international competitions in 2011. In the first year won two medals at the Australian International Beer Awards, three in the Copa Cervezas of America and at the European Beer Star.

Bar: Tuersday to Saturday 10 am to midnight


Address: Rua Gustavo Zimmermann, 5361, Itoupava Central Visit to the factory schedule at (47) 3337-3100

Wunder Bier

Founded in October 2007, is a factory of craft beer that has beer bar. The internal environment was designed for the visitors to see the manufacturing process of the product, facing beers as Bockwurst and Weisswurst.

Bar: Monday to Saturday from 5pm to midnight


Address: Rua Fritz Spernau, 155, Fortaleza

Factory tour: Monday to Friday from 9am to 11pm and from 3pm to 5pm {schedule at (47) 3339-0001 until 5pm}



(Santo Amaro da Imperatriz)

Restaurant: Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm, Friday and Saturday from 5pm, Sunday from 11:30am


Address: Rua Intendente Leopoldo Broering, 3479, Downtown

Factory tour: schedule at (48) 3245-8853




As the factory tours (Rua Pomeranos, 1963) are suspended due to repair, an alternative to enjoy Borck in Timbó is to seek Thapyoka Restaurant (Av Getulio Vargas, 201). Phone: (47) 3382-0587.

Das Bier


Bar: Wednesday to Friday from 5pm, Saturday from 3pm and Sunday from 11:30 to 7pm


Address: Rua Haendchen Bonifacio (Estrada Geral, in the direction of Luis Alves), 5311

Factory tour: schedule at (47) 3397-8600.




Address: Rua Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, 1498, Tapajós district

Factory tour: schedule at (47) 3333-1793.



Bar: Wednesday to Saturday from 7pm to 1am


Address: Rua Paulo Alves do Nascimento, 387, Downtown

Factory tour: schedule at (47) 8819-8817

Kiezen Ruw



Address: Rua Planície Alta, 5150

Factory tour: schedule by email

Königs Bier

(Jaraguá do Sul)


Address: Rua Erich Sprung, 215, Água Verde

Factory tour: schedule at (47) 3370-5544.

Opa Bier



Address: Rua Dona Francisca, 11560, Pirabeiraba

Factory tour: schedules are available only for later April (47) 3467-0090. Until then the alternatives bars Boteco Opa (Via Gastronomica) and Opa Bier Park (Rua Max Colin, 1589).

Saint Bier


Bar: Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 12pm and from 13:30 to 18h , Wednesday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 13:30 to midnight, Saturday 10am to 2pm and from 6pm to midnight and Sunday at lunch


Address: Avenida 25 de Julho, 1303, Vila Lourdes

Factory tour: schedule at (48) 3463-3400.



Bar: Wednesday to Friday from 5pm , and Saturday and Sunday from 11am


Address: Rua Hermann Weege, 60 (next to the Zoo)

Factory tour: schedule at (47) 3387-0532.

Zehn Bier


Bar: Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm


Address: Rua Benjamin Constant, 26, São Luiz

Factory tour: schedule at (47) 3351-6685.